Hi 👋🏼, I'm Jastin Linggar T.

a self-taught Indonesian programmer. since 2020, I've been learning programming. Now a software engineering student with more web development experience. I have experience working with Laravel, React, Next.js, Express, MongoDB, MySQL, TailwindCSS, and other web development tools. I am a full stack developer as well.

Jastin Linggar Tama is the complete name I go by. resides in Purwokerto, Indonesia. In my Github account, I've made a total of fetching... repositories. And According to my Github stats, the languages ​​I use the most are fetching....

This is the fetching... time someone has visited this website.

Some of my projects 📌

Discord Bot Landing Page

a free Landing page template that uses Bulma to build it for your Discord Bot.


Quran Digital

Online Quran website with Indonesian translation. Built with Next.js and Algolia for search purposes.



A library that is used to easily create a Whatsapp bot, and has many features in it.



Usually, the best way to chill with friends online is with lofi songs and a wide selection of ambient background sounds that you can set on your favorite Discord server. w/ Lumidex


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